Education industry

Education industry

Founded in 2005, Sawink has been dedicated to the research and development of commercial display video programs, as well as providing support to create a complete industrial ecological chain.

Our main products include LCD splicing screens, LED display, conference all-in-one machines, multimedia advertising machines, OLED transparent screens, and other optoelectronic products.

From hardware manufacturing to software research and development, overall solution design, construction, and after-sales service, Sawink offers customers the most cost-effective solutions and services in the field of commercial video and telecommunications.

With advanced technical services and excellent hardware manufacturing

Education industry

Sawink utilizes advanced information technology and integrates global commercial display and video industry resources to build a comprehensive supply chain integration platform for the industry. The company is dedicated to creating a roadmap for commercial video product development.

With 17 years of continuous development, Sawink has achieved a significant market share and several patented scientific research results in application fields, such as intelligent command, intelligent park, intelligent advertisement, intelligent campus, intelligent exhibition hall, intelligent conference, and intelligent retail, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Moreover, the company has made a major breakthrough in integrating resources for the core devices of display products, including liquid crystal displays. In recent years, Sawink has focused on researching and developing new OLED display products, with the aim of taking a leading role in the commercial video industry.

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