Security monitoring large screen 4K

Security monitoring large screen 4K

Overview of the scenario

Small and medium-sized security monitoring center, access to the number of security signals is numerous, generally using a plurality of LCD splicing screen or LED screen display, to meet the conditions of multi-signal on the screen, the display terminal can be at anytime on a variety of on-site signals and all kinds of computer graphic signals for multi-screen display, timely judgment and processing, the issuance of command orders, to achieve real-time monitoring and security control purposes.

Program features

1:Integration: Establish a centralized control system to realize the centralized control of the large-screen display system and peripheral equipment, the operation interface design is more humanized, and real-time control of all equipment

is realized through the terminal.

2:Segmentation of management authority: to achieve multi-user management, the controller supports network sub-control and multi-user operation, users can use a single mouse or keyboard to operate the large screen, and can also set

up remote computers through software to control the large screen system with the mouse and keyboard of their respective workstations to achieve remote interactive control.

3:Multi-signal display: To achieve multi-signal access display, the large-screen control software can display the signal image window of the display terminal and various operations created by the processor application, including window

on/off, attribute setting, free movement zoom, overlay, and realize any roaming of the window on the large screen.

4:Plan management: Realize scenario plan management, which can set, store and manage scenarios and plans; It can easily realize the preparation, saving, modification and deletion of scenes and plans, and can realize the pre-arrangement

of all display screens (set the window size and position of the display signal to formulate the template, and call the saved display plan at any time), support the use of shortcut keys to quickly call the plan, support the automatic execution

function of the plan, and realize the automatic display of the screen according to the time or event trigger.

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