Exhibition hall

Exhibition hall

Solution introduction

The intelligent information release system is a set of digital information release platform combining software and hardware, which is mainly used for centralized management and release in the fields of media 

broadcasting, information introduction, education, training, advertising and publicity. Using advanced network transmission technology and excellent video decoding capabilities, the comprehensive information 

of the convergence management center is displayed beautifully through the network according to the pre-defined layout and time of the user terminal, and the playback log of the terminal itself is reported according 

to the requirements. The system adopts advanced to digital codec and network technology, a combination of software and hardware, with forward-looking, security, stability, expansibility, efficiency, practicability, and 

design ideas, powerful and simple operation

Application scenarios

It is mostly used in exhibition halls, exhibitions, hospitals, production workshops, film and television entertainment, and government affairs centers

The system consists of four parts

Information release server, network transmission system, central management platform, information release terminal

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