Cloud display technology display solution

Cloud display technology display solution

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1. Technical solution:

Yunxian's splicing technology solution integrates Yunxian factory technology and is committed to creating the world's first splicing effect, including Yunxian's splicing hardware, splicing software and advanced computing and processing

1.1 The splicing hardware MP-56VHK of the cloud display adopts the international professional-grade display processing chip processor, which supports the digital decoding capability of 4K signals;

1.2 Built-in powerful cloud display image quality processing software, perfect support for SRGB and Adobe98 color gamut, with excellent color reproduction, international professional display standard AE (Delta-E) <=3):

1.3 Using the unique cloud display floating point software algorithm, the decoding, image processing and audio processing capabilities of the global splicing screen are integrated, so that the audio and video processing capabilities of the splicing screen of Chinese brands have reached the world's first level

2. Hardware features:

Cloud display splicing hardware is the first in the industry to enable the new generation of DP standard video hardware interface, and only then does it use industrial-grade product design standards

2.1 Cloud display splicing hardware MP-56VHK supports all-digital channels, supports DP1.2a ultra-high-definition 4K@60Hz signal input, and supports DP1.2a ultra-high-definition 4K@60Hz loop-out; Support HDM1.4a UHD 30@Hz input and lossless decoding. Support DV and VGA HD 1080P@60Hz decoding.

2.2 Cloud display splicing hardware MP-56VHK adopts industrial-grade product design standards, and the whole series adopts industrial-grade components, including high-reliability SMD capacitors and ESD devices, and large-scale specialized SMD production lines, which support stable and reliable long-term operation without power supply all year round.

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