Command center

Command center

Overview of the scenario

The command and dispatch solution is generally used in the fields of police, transportation, large-scale production sites, engineering construction, etc., and adopts an integrated digital command and dispatch solution, which can determine a clear command role and efficient business flow, form a dynamic and flexible, interconnected, and overall linkage comprehensive command and dispatch system, and comprehensively improve the level of flat command, precise disposal, and comprehensive operation of relevant institutions.

Program features:

  1. System integration with message service interface, data service interface and application service interface for relatively independent alarm system, video image system, police GPS positioning system, police geographic information system, mobile image transmission system, SMS platform and other command and dispatch means of networking and integration, the formation of interconnection, for the development and application of the system to provide technical support, the formation of a comprehensive integration and application of resources, the comprehensive construction of the provincial and municipal public security organs command center, the lower and the jurisdiction of the police station, The bayonet at all levels on regular duty realizes interconnection, and it is an actual combat platform for calling, calling images at any time, and commanding in real time.

  2. The major police command and dispatch receiving and handling auxiliary map station sets up the major police type settings, and sets some police types as major police types, and the system automatically reminds the leader to report the interface when receiving the police information contained in the major police type, and can directly send a short message to report the police situation if it is indeed a major police situation after being judged by the police personnel and needs to be reported to the leader. When the system obtains a major police situation, the command and dispatch personnel can handle the police situation in accordance with the routine operation process of the major police situation, and the disposal process is similar to the normal police information disposal process, which increases the police information reporting process, and can also use the deployment control function in the emergency incident disposal for on-site deployment and control as needed.

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