Smart interactions

Smart interactions

Solution introduction

Screen Throwing Interaction is a multi-screen screen interaction solution based on multi-touch, multi-screen interaction, wireless transmission and other technologies, the "push end" can be PDF, PPT, WORD, EXCEL, Visi0, Proiect, high-definition pictures and videos, web pages 9 formats of multimedia and photo content can be pushed from a screen to multiple terminals instantly, and at the same time, the content of all "receivers" can be controlled synchronously through the "push end". The receiver supports display devices with or without touch function, such as projectors, electronic whiteboards, and multi-touch screens, which can be arbitrarily enlarged, reduced, panned, rotated, and annotated multimedia content, and multiple contents can be superimposed at the same time, and the annotation results can be reviewed and browsed. It is suitable for document and multimedia interaction, display and interaction between multiple screens in command centers, conferences, teaching, product launches, exhibition halls

Core features

1. Support 9 formats of Office files, such as high-definition pictures, videos, and web pages

2 Support content annotation

3. Support interactive control

4. Support taking photos on the same screen

5 Support screen mirroring

6 Support one push one, one push many, more push one, more push multi combination

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