In the ever-evolving world of advertising and digital signage, choosing the right partner for your display solutions is paramount. Sawink stands as a trusted name and a beacon of innovation in this dynamic industry. As a professional advertising display machine manufacturer, Sawink is committed to elevating your advertising and promotional strategies with cutting-edge technology and an extensive range of display solutions.At Sawink, we understand that one size does not fit all. Hence, we offer a comprehensive lineup of advertising display machines, each tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences. Whether you require displays of different sizes, interactive touch functionality, waterproof capabilities, or other specialized functions, we have you covered. Our commitment to versatility and performance ensures that you can find the perfect solution to captivate your audience and drive your message home.

Outdoor Advertising Display

Outdoor digital signage is a great way to maximize the visibility of any business, increase sales, draw attention to your brand and showcase your visual presentation.

Digital signage is a technology that enables you to use displays to show content in outdoor areas. The wonderful thing about outdoor digital signage is that they are incredibly versatile. They can display video, images, and interactive elements. It's perfect for advertisements, call-to-action phrases, promotions, announcements, corporate communications, and more.

That's why this technology is used in almost every imaginable place. Airports, restaurants and bars, corporate offices, shopping centers, parking lots, sports fields and stadiums. Such a wide range of applications means that digital signage content at sporting events and restaurants will be very different. Screens are a great way to communicate with your customers. How you do this and what content you use to do so is entirely up to you.

The most significant benefit of outdoor digital signage is that your hands are no longer tied. You can create whatever content you want and digital signage will help you broadcast it to your audience.


What are the key features to consider when buying an outdoor advertising machine?

Key features to consider include screen size, weather resistance, brightness, remote management capabilities, interactivity, energy efficiency, location-based targeting, and compliance with local regulations.

How do I choose the right screen size for my outdoor advertising machine?

The screen size should be determined based on the viewing distance and the available space. Consider factors like how far your target audience will be from the screen to ensure optimal visibility.

Are outdoor advertising machines weather-resistant?

Yes, outdoor advertising machines are designed to be weather-resistant. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight.

Can I remotely update the content on an outdoor advertising machine?

Yes, most outdoor advertising machines can be remotely managed and updated through a central content management system. This allows you to schedule and change content as needed.

Are there interactive features available for outdoor advertising machines?

Some outdoor advertising machines offer interactive features, such as touchscreens or QR code scanning, to engage with passersby and collect user data.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for outdoor advertising machines?

The ROI depends on various factors, including the effectiveness of your advertising content, the location of the machine, and the target audience. Many businesses find that outdoor advertising machines can provide a strong ROI through increased visibility and customer engagement.

How often do outdoor advertising machines require maintenance?

Maintenance needs vary, but outdoor advertising machines typically require periodic cleaning, inspection, and software updates to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

What is the payment term and delivery term?

Our standard payment term is 100% payment in advance. And for delivery, we usually use FOB terms, but it’s also workable for FCA\CFR\CIF or any others. You may contact our account manager for more details.

What is the warranty policy and RMA procedure?

Our standard controllers have a 3-year warranty after the delivery date, and LCD and LED displays have a 1 -2-year warranty depending on specific models. Under warranty, we offer free exchange or repair service including shipment cost; Out of warranty, we offer paid maintenance service which depends on actual cost, similar to or less than the part’s sales price.

Do I need to hire an expert to set up iSEMC controllers?

No need, the setup is very simple and only requires a few minutes. With our video tutorials and online technical support, we believe everyone can manage by themselves.

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