How to choose the LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display screen?

Jul. 27, 2023

When we are doing big display project, often LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display is the most two technologies, they two market share accounted for almost 80% of the whole industry, such as outdoor advertising screen, mall advertising screen, monitoring command screen, meeting screen can see their shadow. So what are the differences between them? How should we choose it?

1. The display technology is different

The LCD splicing screen adopts the LCD display technology composed of LED back luminous, which is composed of the LCD layer backlight plate, etc., like our commonly used TV, computer display, mobile phone screen and so on are this kind of luminous technology. The difference is that the panel of LCD splicing screen has been industrial processing, which is relatively more durable and can meet the requirements of continuous boot.

The LED screen uses light light beads composed of three primary color chips, consisting of individual lamp beads forming a unit board of different sizes to display the image.

How to choose the LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display screen?cid=5

2. Different technical characteristics

The advantage of LCD splicing screen is high resolution, single screen can reach 1920 * 1080, belongs to high-definition large screen products. In addition, its brightness is moderate, suitable for long-term viewing, its contrast can also reach 5000:1, rich color. At the same time, it also has the function of splicing, so multiple LCD splicing screens can form a screen of any size, and can display a large image across the screen, or display multiple small pictures at the same time. If used for monitoring the display, you can also achieve segmentation and other display.

How to choose the LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display screen?cid=5

But its only drawback is that there is a patchwork, there will be certain visual obstacles. At present, the smallest stitching is 0.88mm LCD splicing screen, mostly used in conference rooms, exhibition halls and other occasions.

The biggest advantage of LED splicing screen is no stitching and waterproof. No matter how, there is no visual barrier in the middle of the screen, so the integrity is better. It can also be installed on outdoor occasions because it is waterproof.

But its defects are also more obvious, such as low resolution, close look leads to poor clarity. Next brightness is too high, long time to watch dazzling serious. And it also has a large number of dead light probability, with the passage of time, there will be many light beads fall off, not bright, and so on, affecting the visual viewing experience.

How to choose the LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display screen?cid=5

3. Application occasions are different

According to their different display characteristics, it also determines their different applications, because the LCD splicing screen has high definition, moderate brightness, splicing, and support continuous boot, so its main application occasions for the conference room, monitoring room, exhibition hall, big data and other platforms.

Because the whole screen display of LED is good, and in order to reduce the impact of low resolution on users, it is mostly used for long-distance viewing occasions, and mainly for advertising, such as advertising, video and so on. More often seen in outdoor squares, stages, shopping malls and so on.

Therefore, the choice of which large screen technology to use, mainly depends on where we use it, if it is outdoor, directly choose the LED splicing screen. If use indoor, it depends on the specific purpose and viewing distance, if it is used to video surveillance display, small and medium-sized conference room, exhibition hall, big data, can choose small stitching LCD screen, and if it is used to indoor advertising, such as large conference, party, hall publicity can use LED screen. How to choose the LCD splicing screen and LED splicing display screen? This time you have the answer in your heart!

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