Data monitoring, large-screen visual display system solution

Jul. 19, 2023

In some big data, financial trading platform, the importance of data monitoring screen is self-evident, it can reflect the current main data, to assist staff data analysis and judgment, especially in the big data started today, a comprehensive visual display platform building is more important. The whole display system is nothing more than the hardware and software part, by building a large data monitoring screen, and the independent development of the data system on it, so as to achieve management.

In terms of hardware, there are two main large-screen technologies that can be used to display data. One is the high-resolution LCD splicing screen, and the other is the LED display without stitching full screen display. In contrast, the two each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which kind to use depends on the specific installation environment.

Data monitoring, large-screen visual display system solution

1. LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screen was  used in security monitoring display, mainly because of its industrial panel, support the characteristics of continuous boot throughout the year, secondly, it can also realize single screen multi-screen segmentation display, so that all the monitoring images can be distributed on the large screen at the same time. With the continuous narrowing of its stitching, its display effect has also been recognized by more application groups. In general, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Advantage 1: high resolution

The single screen resolution of LCD splicing screen is 1920 * 1080, which belongs to the standard HD product. At the same time, it can also achieve 4K display after splicing. If it is used for data monitoring and large screen display, the numbers, text and other information above are also very clear.

Advantage 2: moderate brightness, suitable for long-time viewing

The brightness of the LCD splicing screen is similar to that of the TV, which is very suitable for close viewing, so the staff can watch the screen for a long time without dazzling.

Advantage 3: high color contrast

The contrast degree of liquid crystal can reach 5000; 1, so the picture displayed out is rich in color, natural color, can restore the most original color.

Defects: there is stitching. At present, the minimum bilateral stitching can be 0.88mm, which will have display influence at the splicing of the screen and screen.

Data monitoring, large-screen visual display system solution

2. Display screen

LED display is first used for outdoor advertising, stage party, sports events, etc., because it is waterproof, and in recent years with the emergence of its small spacing products, its resolution has the very big promotion, so also is frequently used in the indoor screen display, especially the advantage of its no seam in the data monitoring screen display system application is also more and more.

Advantage 1: no stitching

No matter how big the screen is assembled, the LED display does not have the splicing black edge of LCD, so the visual experience of the whole screen is better, especially suitable for full screen display.

Defects: Easy to die light, the late after-sales rate is high, the brightness is too high, not suitable for a long time to watch, low resolution, close look has a Mosaic phenomenon.

Data monitoring screen is an important equipment for a variety of big data display occasions, it can immediately reflect the data and the content of the computer, the specific use of LCD splicing screen or LED, or according to the viewing distance, viewing time and other specific conditions to decide.

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