P2.5 Small-Pitch Full-Color LED Display

Pixel pitch: ≤2.5mm

Pixel density: ≥160,000 dots/㎡

Module size: 320mm × 160mm

Module resolution: ≥128 × 64

Brightness (cd/㎡): 600, adjustable

Horizontal/vertical viewing angle: ≥160°

Refresh rate: ≥3840Hz

Frame rate: 60Hz

Module power consumption: ≤21.5W

Peak power consumption: ≤419W

Lifespan: ≥200,000 hours

Indoor LED Video Wall


P2.5 Indoor Full-Color LED Screen offers unparalleled image quality, vibrant colors, and seamless performance, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications including retail spaces, corporate environments, event venues, and more.

Product Parameters

Pixel Pitch(mm)2.52.5
Display resolution(dots)128×64=8192128×64=8192
Physical Density (Pixels/ ㎡)160000160000
LED EncapsulationSMD2121SMD1515/2121
Pixel specifications1R1G1B1R1G1B
Module Size(mm)L320×H160×T15L320×H160×T15
Module Weigth(g/pcs)390330
Driving mode1/32SConstant current drive1/64SConstant current drive
Module Consumption(W)≤21.5≤15
Max. Power Consumption(w/㎡)≤419≤293
Refresh Frequency (Hz)38403840
Optimum Viewing AngleH:160° V:160°H:160°   V:160°
Gray Scale (bit) 12/6 12/6
Frame Frequency (Hz)≥60≥60
Module Working Voltage(V)4.8-5.24.8-5.2
Operating Temperature/Humidity(C/RH) -10°C-+40°C10%RH-90%RH -10°C-+40°C10%RH-90%RH


小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

小间距 P1.25全彩LED屏

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