Founded in 2005, Sawink has been dedicated to the research and development of commercial display video programs, as well as providing support to create a complete industrial ecological chain.

Our main products include LCD splicing screens, LED display, conference all-in-one machines, multimedia advertising machines, OLED transparent screens, and other optoelectronic products.

From hardware manufacturing to software research and development, overall solution design, construction, and after-sales service,

Sawink offers customers the most cost-effective solutions and services in the field of commercial video and telecommunications. With advanced technical services and excellent hardware manufacturing,

we have the advantage of providing a one-stop video solution service that offers a richer profit margin and high-quality content of software and hardware integration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any certificate of video wall controller?

We have ISO9001, KC, CE, FCC, Rohs, etc. If there is addtional certificate required, we can send our controller to related LAD for further test and approval.

What is the payment term and delivery term?

Our standard payment term is 100% payment in advance. And for delivery, we usually use FOB terms, but it’s also workable for FCA\CFR\CIF or any others. You may contact our account manager for more details.

What is the warranty policy and RMA procedure?

Our standard controllers have 3 years warranty after delivery date, LCD and LED displays have 1 -2 year warranty depends on specific models. Under warranty, we offer free exchange or repair service including shipment cost; Out of warranty, we offer paid maintenance service which depends on actual cost, similar or less than part’s sales price.

Do I need to hire any expert to setup iSEMC controllers?

No need, the setup is very simple and only require few minutes. With our video tutorials and online technical supports, we believe everyone can manage by themselves.


  • IPMS Certificate

    IPMS Certificate

  • ISO9001


  • ISO14001


  • ISO45001


  • National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

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